Monday, 14 September 2015

How can we help refugees in Scotland feel human again?

Asking for refuge can be a traumatising thing because people asking for refuge most of the time are running for their lives and have had to face difficult situations such as war, torture, rape before reaching a peaceful place. In other words some of them have lost their humanity and have forgotten what love means, what understanding means, what trust means, what support means, what being listen to and being valued means, what being safe and secure means. 

French and German governments are supporting people coming from Syria and other parts of the wold by placing them in centres where they will be registered and where they status will be decided. Other organisations and people are collecting goods, foods, and clothes to support people at Calais. We could collect goods, foods and clothes as well to support people at Calais. In addition, when refugees reach Glasgow, we could for example invite them to join groups where they can be listen to in term of sharing they experiences, telling they needs, they hope. 

This would be a place where people can be loved, supported and understood by local people and people who have had the same experience and have been able to cope; in other words this would be a way to support people seeking refuge to relearn how to be Human and interact with people without fear. This space would also be a place to show how people here are welcoming and friendly, this would help them feel secure and safe as it is what people seeking refuge are looking for.

Written by Aimee