Friday, 2 December 2011

Commissioner's take part in Human Rights Conference

On 21st and 22nd October Commissioners Blair Green, Carol Turner and Anne Marie Peffer presented testimonies of poverty and promoted the collaborative working model of the Poverty Truth Commission at the Law Society's Human Right symposium on Realising Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the UK in Chancery Lane, London.

150 delegates including lawyers, politicians and third sector groups saw animations on the degrading experience of going to the job centre, and on domestic violence. They also heard a story of in work poverty and debt due to the 'poverty premium' where life can actually be more expensive for those living in poverty. Most importantly they were challenged to include those in poverty whenever they make policies and projects about poverty.

The Commissioners were overwhelmingly well received and also gave a workshop on the method behind the process. As a result of the conference a number of delegates will look at introducing more participation in their organisations. These include Kate Green, MP for Stretford and Urmston, Manchester, who will be holding a series of poverty hearings in collaboration with colleagues, borrowing extensively from the PTC's model.

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