Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Churches unite over benefit reforms

CHURCHES on both sides of the border are encouraging politicians to eliminate or ameliorate cuts in benefits and welfare provision in a controversial bill being pushed through the Westminster parliament under reserved powers.

The Church of Scotland's Church and Society Council has joined with charities, unions, civic and faith bodies to urge Scottish MPs to vote to keep seven Welfare Reform Bill amendments won by Crossbench and other peers in the House of Lords.

Methodists, the United Reformed Church, Baptists and Quakers have also come out against the government's top-slicing benefit cap, and have produced a detailed briefing on the issue.

Disabled and sick Spartacus campaigners have led the opposition to key elements in the bill, though there is agreement in principle on a Universal Credit and simplification of the system. They share the values of the Poverty Truth Commission that "nothing about us without us is for us".

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