Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Poverty Truth Commission at the Solas Festival

LAST month Commissioners Anne Marie Peffer, Jean Forrester and Martin Johnstone took part in this year's Solas Festival.

Solas is a festival that takes place at Wiston by Biggar in South Lanarkshire which "aims to create a generous, hospitable space in Scotland where the arts can be performed and enjoyed by all. The programme also makes space for challenging debate with activists, writers and thinkers from across the political, cultural and religious spectrum."

The Poverty Truth Commission were asked to lead a session to a tent full of people to share our experiences over the last few years and also to share a bit about what we plan to do in the future.

Anne Marie commented “we attended the SOLAS meeting on Sunday 24th, and got down to basics in a Mongolian Yurt!  There was something quite magical about talking about the work of the Poverty Truth Commission in this special atmosphere.  The whole festival had a lovely, friendly feeling and our meeting “space” was really quite special.”

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  1. The solas festival seems a great platform to bring the community together.
    Keep up the good work.