Thursday, 23 August 2012

Commission invited to be involved in Tackling Poverty Working Group

OVER RECENT MONTHS members of the Poverty Truth Commission have been pat of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership's Tackling Poverty Working Group which is looking to develop an anti-poverty strategy for the city. Two of our Commissioners, Ghazala Hakeem and Darren McGarvey, have been a part of the group which started meeting in April. Other members have been involved in a number of smaller groups, focused on particular areas of work including Welfare Reform.

In the findings of the Poverty Truth Commission, published last year, Glasgow City Council pledged, in collaboration with other partners, 'to involved people in poverty directly in the development of community planning within the city'. In our recent 'One year On' report we asked the Council to share their experiences since the findings were published as they have sought to take on specific elements of our legacy. They commented "The Council has been seeking to broaden and deepen the involvement of people with direct experience of poverty through community membership on Local Community Planning Partnership Boards and by working with management committee members who are involved with locally funded projects. A Tackling Poverty Working Group has been established to develop an integrated strategy across the membership of the community planning partners. Meetings of the group have included people living directly with the impact of poverty through the Poverty Alliance and the Poverty Truth Commission."

The Poverty Truth Commission are very pleased to be continuing to work with Glasgow Community Planning Partnership, including Glasgow City Council through the Tackling Poverty Working Group to help them to continue to involve people in poverty directly in Community Planning in Glasgow.

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