Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Inspired by "A Selection of Especially Stupid Benefit Sanctions" our Commissioners have been collecting stories of their own.

Attended Job Centre to sign on. Had forgotten my job diary. Wasn't allowed to go home and retrieve it. Had been allocated a time to sign on and no one could see me later.
(First time sanctioned - 2 weeks disallowance; 2 week sanction)
Was 30 minutes late for signing on. Sat in office for 1 hour to be told that I was going to be sanctioned for anywhere up to 13 weeks. I hadn't been late before.
(First time sanctioned - 2 weeks disallowance; 6 week sanction)
To attend 6 weeks training on fibre optic cable installation. It was in Govan. I stay in the East End. No lunch provided. No certificate awarded. Needless hassle. Said to Job Centre advisor about my concerns several times. Just sanctioned me. I don't care!! 
(2 weeks disallowance; 2 week sanction)

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