Monday, 28 April 2014

What’s the Poverty Truth Commission? Well, let its commissioners explain

“I think in an environment where people feel they count for nothing the Poverty Truth Commission gives people a voice, to make them feel they are worth something”

Tricia, Commissioner with the Poverty Truth Commission

On Saturday 21, June, from 2pm until 4:30pm, at the Woodside Hall in Glasgow, the Poverty Truth Commission will be Turning up the Volume on Poverty. It will be a fantastic opportunity to listen to, and understand, an inclusive model for addressing poverty, which places those from marginalised communities at its heart.

However, to first get a real flavour of the Commission and how it works, you should look no further than those individuals at the core of the organisation: the commissioners. 

These are folk with experience of poverty and social exclusion, and earlier today I had a wee chat with four of them, Cathy, Darren, Tricia and Marie, to find out more.

When asked why they had joined the commission, all four expressed the idea of speaking up for those who feel marginalised and ignored by the mainstream.

“I believe the Poverty Truth gets to the grassroots of poverty and also they help others irrespective of what the other people do for a living”. Cathy

The commissioners also spoke honestly and frankly of how the work has effected them personally. Darren said it had had a strong effect on him:

“It has been a real empowering process. Very hard, don’t get me wrong, very hard, but at the same time I understand my poverty a lot more, which was never there previous.”

The conversation concluded by turning to the event in June and the future of the commission. All four were clear that the message of the Poverty Truth Commission is needed to be heard by everyone across society. Marie said it wasn’t just for those in power but:

“the people that are struggling, I want to hear the message, so that they can grow stronger, to have a voice…to give them strength, to keep fighting”

If you are passionate about tackling poverty and want to hear real insights from those with experience then come along in June as we aim to Turn Up the Volume on Poverty.

To register at this free event click here; call 0141 248 2911; or email #TurnItUp2014

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