Monday, 12 May 2014

Getting to the Truth of Zero Hours Contracts


On Saturday 21, June at Woodside Halls in Glasgow the Poverty Truth Commission will be turning up the volume on zero hour contracts. By placing those with experience of poverty at the centre of the process, the Commission will be getting past the headlines and getting to the heart of this, and many other, important issues.

The Zero Hour Contract Debate

Zero hour contracts have been making the news recently and have surfaced on the political agenda. Just yesterday in fact the Sunday Herald  reported that almost 120,000 Scots are employed using this arrangement, showing a 100% increase from a decade ago.

Trade Unions and others have often spoke out against the use of such schemes, highlighting potential negative consequences on workers such as being left  at the mercy of unscrupulous bosses.

However, others have countered that in certain circumstances they may provide much needed flexibility to both worker and boss.

Truth Behind the Stats and the Politics

Regardless of where you stand on the debate, however, it is crucial to recognise that zero hour contracts are having a major impact on a huge number of families in Scotland, as across the UK.

To properly understand their impact, we need to get to the truth behind the statistics and the politics by listening to those with experience of zero hour contacts. They are the true experts on their situation after all.

The Poverty Truth Commission Findings

Listening to these stories over the past couple of years, the Poverty Truth Commission has heard of remarkable resilience mixed in with feelings of utter “hopelessness” when faced with such uncertainty and frustration.

It seems clear that to move the debate forward to a more sustainable solution, those from all sides of the political spectrum must first listen to these experts’ stories.

Turning Up the Volume on Zero Hour Contracts

Saturday 21, June, therefore, provides a perfect opportunity from everyone across society to hear from these experts. The Commission warmly invites anyone and everyone, from across the various political divides - the left and the right, the rich and the poor, the Yes and the No camps, those in power and those who feel marginalised - to come along and listen. You just might learn something.

To register at this free event click here; call 0141 248 2911; or email #TurnItUp2014

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