Tuesday, 26 August 2014

First Meeting of our New Commission

Friday 22 August saw the first meeting of our new Poverty Truth Commission.  

Why did you come today?
  • To meet the new Commissioners and see how we can build on the work of the previous Commission.
  • To fully understand why poverty still exists in the 21st Century
  • I’ve been affected by poverty and I know several people in poverty, working and not.  I hope I can contribute and to make a difference.
  • A wider circle, imaginative ideas, some sense of application.
  • I am driven in my every day work to improve how education can reduce the impact of poverty, but I need a broad perspective to do this.

We got to know each other, shared our initial thoughts and experiences and found it hard to stop talking.  A truthful, exciting, hopeful and inspiring place to be.

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