Friday, 27 April 2012

Kinship Carers demonstration attracts media coverage

YESTERDAY'S demonstrations in Glasgow and Edinburgh by Kinship Carers have attracted media coverage in the Herald.

In an article in the Herald, by columnist Jennifer Cunningham, it was highlighted that this was a "rare public demonstration by a normally very private group of people, prompted by desperation." She continued "Kinship carers, usually grandparents, aunts or uncles, are the hidden army that has come to the defence of an estimated 15,000 children in Scotland whose parents are unfit to care for them through drug or alcohol addiction." This coverage further highlights the issues around Kinship Care which are often not discussed in public.

36 Candidates in the Local Election attended the demonstrations in Glasgow and Edinburgh to sign the pledge outlined in the National Kinship Care Manifesto 'It could be you' put together by Kinship Carers and Children 1st.

One key area of the Manifesto is for the 'Local Authorities to work with kinship carers, local kinship care groups and other organisations supporting kinship care families to make change happen'

This has been welcomed by the Poverty Truth Commission who believe that it is important that Kinship Carers be around the table and at the heart of process of policy development in this area. 

'Nothing about us without us if for us'.

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