Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Scottish Kinship Carers create local election manifesto

KINSHIP Carers from a variety of locations across Scotland worked with CHILDREN 1st to produce a manifesto for the local elections and a few key pledges for council candidates to sign. 

They have sent these to every candidate in their area and hope to meet with prospective councillors on Thursday at their national demonstrations at Glasgow and Edinburgh Council Chambers to sign pledges in public.

Kinship Carers are asking candidates to promise:

·         To end the postcode lottery across Scotland for Kinship Care support and give all children in Kinship Care a fair and equal chance.

·         To create a one-stop-shop approach to the necessary financial, health, psychological, educational and social work support required by children in Kinship Care. Getting any one of these can be a huge struggle for Kinship Carers.

·         To recognise the hard and brilliant job Kinship Carers do and support them with respite, legal advice etc.

·         To work with them when making policy for change, since they know what the priorities are and how to use funds most wisely to benefit the children.

The full manifesto can be viewed here.

Martin Johnstone from the Poverty Truth Commission, who have supported Kinship Carer's campaign said: "It is time for politicians to stop talking and start really delivering for children in Kinship Care. The party which deserves to be elected is the one that does the right thing rather than just accusing others of doing the wrong thing." 

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